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Some scraps of good news

So, the mead fermentation has been somewhat hap-hazard. The last one I thought wasn't fermenting at all so I decided to decant it as a sweet cordial or summer refresher and start again. But when I opened the jar it was all fizzing!

Maybe I should have left it but the other thing is that because of the very low alcohol content the green stuff in there starts to look a little... slimy.

I decanted it, cleaned the jar, used some as a starter and put in more honey, more herbs and the cherry bark that went in the first time. Fingers crossed.

One of the things I put in was St John's Wort! After seeking it everywhere and seeing only Ragwort, I found some today!

I also put in Selfheal, Willowherb, Lemon Balm, Rose petals and the very few berries from my garden.

The other positive was a juvenile Driveway. I had fed the Divines and Droopy and Three, then put food out for the Driveways - one little chap begged from both parents. I had thought a week or so ago that I had seen them watching two or three juveniles, but this was a definite!

All this cheered me up - which was good as this morning I was rather down in the dumps.

Oh and Michael gave my two huge bunches of Lavender. I hung them up to dry and have now collected the heads. Should have put some in the mead. Maybe I will.

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