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Soon, soon...

When I am going to my Friday work, I put out the bird food in the dark.

On this occasion, there was a hard frost and I was leaving extra food as I would not get back in time to offer more in early afternoon.

Anyway, there I was with my little torch and my buckets, filling up the pots and saucers, hands freezing. Then I heard a rustle in the lilac... and I knew who was there.

Not that you can make him out.

On cold mornings, there tends to be more reckless eating from the animals. Which is nice for me as I get to see them.

Now, on my YouTube channel, one person who likes my videos keeps on at me about the quality. "You need 4K!" he says. Well. I had been thinking about buying a "proper" camera so that I could do little films for the likes of the Wildlife Trust. I rather wish I had bought it when I was thinking of it - back in early spring. Had I done that. my presentation for a digital journal, to which I have been asked to contribute, would look a hell of a lot better. It's a bit late now as I need enough material for a 30 minute film that I have to finish by mid January.

Still, maybe it is something to consider.

And if I do consider it, there's the halfway house of a sort of vlogger's camera or a semi-pro type thing that would set me back ten times more but would have far greater functionality.

I am dreadful at these decisions. Recently, my Muse headset broke - the thing that played bird song when my brain was in relaxed brainwave states. The idea is that you get better at getting into the cheepy bird state by practicing. I did not get better. I got worse. If it was good, it was good; if it was bad, I couldn't change anything. But it did encourage me to meditate. I liked the cheepy birds. It turns out there are a lot of similar things on the market. One I had had before uses the same thinking but focuses on heart rate variability and coherence. It was cheaper. First, I decided to get done and do my garden meditations. that would be it. Then I kept wanting one and it was Black Friday. So I got the heart rate one. Started off, as it had with the Muse, with me acing it. Thinking, "Huh, I don't need this. I am super coherent." Withing three sessions, I was utterly incoherent and could not get back to the "good" state, which in this device is marked with sort of circular flashes. Not cheepy birds.

Anyway, the whole thing makes me realise that a) I ace nothing, b) I waste money, c) I am untrainable biorhythmically and d) my best laid plans are poorly laid and never pan out.

I expect I'll buy a stupid camera and never use it.

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Dec 15, 2023

I like that second video where we see all the wildlife! I like how you add the text notes. And in the other video, I like how Bobbit waits for you when it's still dark.

Dec 21, 2023
Replying to

He's there all the time...

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