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Sorry to bore you, but...

Did you guess the animal?

You'll have to wait for the answer.

First.... OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH.... Son of Bob!!!!

Actually, it was not safe to walk. He was hopping around in front of my feet. I had to wait again for him to fly up into the inside of the honeysuckle.

This is the other side of his home.

Honestly, my heart flutters for this little bird.

The next day, Son of Bob was again making himself visible. He ate from the green box then flew to the honeysuckle near where I was standing.He hopped around in the tangled vines. Then I saw Bob had landed on the green box. Son of Bob ducked and I thought he was hiding. Bob flew into the hedge next to the bush, where I had thought that the dunnocks had been nesting. I turned back to Son of Bob who followed into the hedge! Then another shape – Daughter of Bob or Mrs Bob? – flew in and I heard cheeping, sort of the alarm call cheeping rather than begging, but definitely robins. Bob flew out and soon back in. Then Son of Bob flew back to the honeysuckle.

I don’t know if Son and Daughter of Bob are still under their parents’ wing… or if they thought they might try to get back into the fold as their parents prepare for a new family.

All the time, a juvenile blackbird watched from the lilac tree, talking to herself, as blackbirds do when they are anxious, gentle little clucks as though to say, “It’s OK. I can do this. This is fine. I’m fine. Nothing bad’s going to happen.”

Then a squirrel came and started eating on the box just eight feet away from me. Another squirrel showed up and screeched to a halt, seeing me. He staying in the tree giving alarm calls, but the eating squirrel ignored him.

Each one of them. So utterly unique and, to me, inexplicable. The complete truth of a being is that which the being is. There may be little facts about a species or an individual, but the big Truth is there – enacted, embedded, embodied, in relationships and in place. It can never be known in its entirety except by he or she whose very being-in-the-world encompasses that truth.

More, that Truth may be completely useless, irrelevant, crazy to another being. But that is no matter. To the individual whose Truth it is, that Truth is all.

As for the animal on the box? It's my hair. Thought the birds might like it.

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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2023

Not boring! ... It's been a long time and I forget much, but I'm thinking I want to re-read The Secret Garden 😃 ... Great picture of Son of Bob... And yes the truth that each being has a unique truth. And no, I didn't i.d. your gift of hair to the creatures!!

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