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Swans' stories

While doing chores at the Reserve, Michael and I inadvertently separated a pair of swans.

Mr. Swan (we think) had taken to the water while Mrs. Swan was stuck on the wrong side of the fence. We were doing our chose and the swans looked at each other. Then Mr swam about doing his 'I am a sailboat' thing with his wings and Mrs turned her back on him and lay down.

But a few minutes later she was walking past us. Such a waddle! Such huge feet! They seem such pacific creatures. She launched herself and I expected some reunion scene. But no. Off they went.

Back at the yard, we saw this.

RSPCA Rebecca with a rescued swan. He'd flown into something and broken a bit off his beak. A lot of blood. And he'd lost a claw. But was otherwise, she said, unharmed.

She said he was very aggressive with her, but she seemed rather fond of him. He didn't make a sound.

She picked up the bagged swan and carried him down to the water. Once released, he swam off and Rebecca stood there watching him.

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