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The day garden

And flies.

Those five were all the same sort of fly and that leaf was perfectly positioned to the sun. The shiny green fly also had the angle right but chose to sit on his own.

The bees seemed to seek only a specific flower while harvesting. One preferred the celandines, another the dead nettle.

As for the birds, well, I seem to be supporting a whole murmuration of starlings. This year's babies now visit with the parents - who may have been babies who visited with their parents last year. Or maybe starlings don't reach sexual maturity that fast?

No, they don't reach sexual maturity that fast - two years. Still, there may have been parents and last year's young and this year's young.

Bob has not been visible lately - though I hear singing. I think this was a young robin though?

There was also a young dunnock - very fluffy - preening above me. This was funny as every now and then, he cocked his head as though listening intently to the hedge. He looked like he was in a trance!

Later, I sat outside to read. The squirrel and Mr Blackbird fed around my feet. So long as I didn't move or make a sound. Little birds ate from the feeders above me and perched on the fence behind me.

I felt that I was "shrinking my force field".

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1 Comment

Jun 14, 2023

I enjoyed being in the garden. Fun watching the young robin. The garden is lush with protective greenery. No wonder the creatures like being there. And there's the food you put out, of course!

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