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The next wave

So, this idea is about the origin of the universe.

Yeah, I know. Not hubristic at all.

Say you're focused on a point. But there's nothing there. A point in a vacuum. Where there is no time and space. Somehow, you focus on a point and there's something. A point. But a point without time and space is neither p nor not-p. It kind of can't exist so in order to to bring it into being you have to broaden out the scope of being (as one did the attentional focus - like rolling the pizza dough) and lo and behold as time and space roll out, expand, so the point becomes a point in time and space.

The point is a possibility - a potential - a p and not-p - until you expand time and space to give it existence.

This made more sense when I was running the other day and indeed when I was driving home in the early hours a few nights later.

What this suggests is that things have no meaning without their context. In fact, they have no existence without it (the The Spread Mind dude says that in a way). But, without the potential of the point, there's no point to (ha! how language works!) or point in time and space. Time and space without things in them are pointless!

The one and the all are intimately reliant on each other. Without either, there's nothing.

In the same way, humans become humans by developing in an environment of time and space and beings and things. Humans become everything by admitting that without everything, they are nothing.

The way it can seem is that the point, the first particle, is the sine qua non - even as I have described it - the potential of the point has to be envisaged as a primary condition. But that's not quite right, for not only is the potential entirely reliant on the all, but also the potential is a potential withing the potential all. So both have to exist as potentials. There is no potential point without potential time and space. So, in a sense, the potential time and space is the originator. That brings into being everything by starting with the potential point as a focus.

The Crone Metaphysics.

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