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The pain of parenting

This was clearly written before Son of Bob disappeared. Maybe he was struggling... But it had to wait until now for the videos on YouTube.

I miss him so dreadfully.

Bobbit's bedraggled condition hasn't improved. If anything, he looks increasingly strained.

Once the baby was up and about, he seemed to have a little more time to spend with me. But the baby situation got me wondering. I decided that there was only one and then I was thinking back to the changes in Son of Bob's demeanour over the past weeks. I remembered him being very busy and purposeful. Then two days when he seemed to want me to follow him across the gardens and I wondered if that was either related to eggs hatching or, worryingly, to eggs or chicks being predated. Did he want protection? I also remembered the two days when he seemed depressed and sat in a bush moping, when I was worried about his health. I, of course, don't know what was going on in his life, but it seems to me that something clearly was - eggs laid, eggs hatching, eggs or babies dying or eaten.

There is so much I don't know.

For example, is this the family - Bobbit, Son or Daughter of Bobbit [Really? - Ed.] and Mottled Breast.

Or is the mate Tiny? Who, though she has a scar on her face, does not look from behind, as though she has been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Was Bobbit's bedraggled state - and her scar - related to the death of chicks?

Anyway, here are the latest video releases.

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Jun 13

It's good to see videos of Bobbit and family again -- but sad. And it's hard that you are left with questions that can't be answered. xx

Jun 14
Replying to

I'm so sorry. Dear Bobbit xxx

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