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The strangest thing

Before I get to that, how's about watching the Fluffies enjoy their treats?

I have mentioned before that I think Mr Fluffy walks about like a fat prelate in his ceremonial robes.

So, the strange thing.

I saw a Crow in the Brave Three's place and thought it was She-D, but it was the very lame Crow I mentioned (is it Droopy? or is it She-D but nervous due to having a bad foot?). Less lame now, thank goodness. As she was limping to the treats, Three flew down and started eating. She paused, looked about, and then made an odd noise... a kind of coo-cry. Then she took off.

Above were two or three large Gulls. She swooped in and around them, doing some dives and stunts, all the time making this strange coo-cry... as though it were a quiet imitation of a Gull's cry, perhaps? I was watching and then saw her swoop to one of their favoured trees.

I turned back to Three. At that point, he took off - and did exactly the same - the sky dance with the strange coo-cry. I was entranced watching, but couldn't work out what was going on at all. I have never heard that cry.

Stranger still, when sitting in my garden, I heard another strange Crow cry - like a louder, hootier version of the coo-cry. I looked up and a Crow was chasing or flying with one of these large white Gulls.

When they mob Kites and Buzzards, Crows scream - they don't coo or hoot.

It was very, very odd!

I wonder if something about the Gulls stimulated play?

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5 commentaires

28 mai 2022

Glad to get the crow report. Oh yes, Mr Fluffy rolls along distinctively! I love your descriptions of the strange crow-sounds (ex 'hootier') 😀 Do the gulls ignore the antics of the crows? The story continues ...

30 mai 2022
En réponse à

Yes, maybe so, especially if it was the first time those gulls had come to the park. Maybe the crows were just telling the new "kids" that the park's the crows - perhaps the crows didn't feel very threatened just putting the gulls on notice.

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