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Turquoise shite

Updated: May 7, 2022

The first patch I saw, well, I thought it was an exciting stone so I picked it up. It came up whole but felt like clay. I put it in my pocket and by the end of the run had turquoise granules. Subsequently, I had seen a lot more and realised it was shite.

But so pretty! I wonder what the birds had been eating? Online, I found that red cabbage can make chickens shit this colour. Unlikely. Blue poo seems to be a sign of a bacterial infection.... I hope not. It could be crows!

Though Leanne has decided that she hates crows.

They eat all the eggs she leaves for the mother foxes.though this one might have been unlucky - there's an egg in the tree behind him, which Leanne hid. Her camera caught a fox climbing up to get it.

I was also on the lookout for badger tracks. I found some badger hairs here.

And here...

But I have never seen a sett up here. I did see what i thought was a badger scuffle spot...

Whatever had dug in seemed to have taken a bite out of the root of the Lords and Ladies.

It's white and starchy - in fact they used to use the roots for starch. And eat them. but you have to prepare them carefully as the whole plant is poisonous.

That was as far as my badger research took me. Mind you, the copse is so overgrown now that... errr... it's hard to get to even the standing poplars.

Still, I have twice meditated in the woods, wafting the lemon-sherbert leaves under my nose and looking at the trees.

That was the first meditation spot.

This is the second.

Under a dead standing poplar.

On the living trees, the leaves are now quite big and the branches with leaves look healthy enough.

When the breeze blows, it carries the lemon-sherbert scent. And you can hear a gust pass across the top of the wood, leaves rustling from right to left and then settling again.

I tried out the Merlin app. WOW!!!

And I just sat, being with the trees and the birds and the breeze.

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1 Comment

May 07, 2022

Very odd about the blue poo. Very interesting about foxes climbing trees!

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