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Updated: Jul 10

The plant intelligence people love vines. They explore how the tendrils seem to "know" where a support is. They behave intentionally. And they preferentially choose some specific supports rather than others.

The all pervasive thing in my garden is adept at this.

While the poor honeysuckle ends up twisting around itself. Does it know that it is twining with itself?

The jasmine relies on the back lilac. And it's not gentle in its embraces.

And I think... what is it like to think like a vine? To always seek support? To cling on desperately and perhaps smother? To progress at another's expense? Is this exploitation or an example of radical love?

Back in the day, I used to identify with honeysuckle. Holding on for dear life. Now... I guess I have learned that I can't expect to hold on to anything. And also, perhaps, that the tighter one holds, the more precarious the situation becomes. And I recall that in rock climbing, tension makes you that much likelier to fall.

Perhaps it's more like a dance... or a creature hopping, flying, from branch to branch?

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1 Comment

Jul 09

I'd like to be a squirrel leaping from branch to branch, floating through the air with the greatest of ease ... the daring young rodent on the flying trapeze ...

OH!! Here's Bruce Springsteen -

ps That jasmine vine ... yes, looks like a death grip!!

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