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Virtual animal encounters

Like the snails on trees, see one and you see more.

Somewhat gruesome discoveries during a survey of some woodlands.

I did see one running deer. I think it was a muntjac. No surprise that it didn't hang around.

These, however, did hang around.

Not the normal pheasants. Turns out they are Reeves's pheasants.

I had emerged from a hedge and I wonder if they thought I was some kind of herbivore? Actually, I am some kind of herbivore, so they were right.

I left them some suet pellets.

The night before, on the way back from the hospital, I came across a loose calf in the middle of the road. I encouraged her through an open gate which I closed and then found someone who could at least contact the farmer whose land I had encouraged her onto.

Those were fairly OK animal encounters.

This last... I was sitting in a wood when I saw a kite in a tree not far off. He stayed there as I ate some apple, coughed and took pictures of trees. When I started moving - I was following a path that led toward him, he flew into a nearby tree.

I was admiring him when he took off again, heading to another tree close by.

And again, I felt that guilt... my intrusion and grasping. Yet, I post it nonetheless. Hypocrite.

Such beauty though. And that mournful call. My heart stirs to see and hear them. To be part of their consciousness. Briefly.

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1 commentaire

07 mai 2023

You did well rounding up that calf. Good for all concerned!

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