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Visiting the copse

I have been looking at many woods and trees for the two surveys but had not been here for a while. It's now impossible to walk through without thick trousers as the nettles are tall and stinging.

I visited my three trees, leaving the offerings - Ancient Oak, Poplar and Juvenile Oak.

I explored some hollow places.

Astonishing that the hollowed out ash is flushing.

I wondered if this might be the the form of a hares - where he lies down to rest.

And I saw a new thing: symbols on trees.I couldn't get closer to the middle one due to the nettles.

Now what would an enchanted-world inhabitant make of these?

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2 коментарі

30 трав. 2023 р.

Could you tell if the markings were "natural"?

31 трав. 2023 р.
Коментар для:

YES!!! Totally. I think dried moss.

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