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Walking among the Standing People

Three wooded reserves in one day! Glapthorn, Short Wood and Southwick Wood.

I knew we were set for a treat when the first thing we heard as we got out of the car at Glapthorn was the cronk of a raven! There were three of them. We saw them, briefly, and listened to them call each other across the wood.

Mischa had brought soup and I did the navigating. That was fine as we walked through Glapthorn to Short and through Short to Southwick... my favourite... but once there I turned us in ever increasing circles as the sun edged toward the horizon. I was starting to feel a little achy and when I realised we'd passed a certain glade forty minutes earlier and that the walk back to the car, once I found the way out of the wood would take at least forty-five minutes, I felt a little tiny bit worried. Mischa wasn't complaining... especially as I sort of made light of the lost-ness and distance... I started imagining a kind person who'd give us a lift back where we'd parked.

At that point, we met a nice man who, without much prompting, kindly offered two very muddy women a ride in his car. Mischa hesitated. I thought she didn't want to impose, and that's true, but she was also worrying about the possibility of kidnap and murder. Not me. I was looking at his films of birds and doing a multiple choice to work out his job. The man was a little bemused by our mixed energies and nearly drove into an SUV but we got back to the reliable Mimir and headed home.

This is a sign of how Mischa and I imagine differently. She, always observant, spotted a large bone high on a tree.

She immediately thought of The Blair Witch Project while I was considering either shamans or jaguars.

It was a lovely day. No rain, though the ground was waterlogged (as were Mischa's boots). We saw some great and characterful trees.

Mischa fell in love with some maples and I got obsessed by the close ups of bark and holes and moss and little water features!

The only bad thing was seeing four dead badgers on the journey.

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Feb 23

Do you know why the badgers were dead?

Feb 24
Replying to

Oh ☹️

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