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Waving not falling

I was out on my run when the phone rang. It was not a conversation I was keen on. I was hoping that it wouldn't take long.

I managed to grab a shot of the three cygnets (seriously ugly ducklings) despite the call. Which cheered me marginally.

I was also marginally cheered by the glorious scent of the wildflower meadow.

Then I dipped into the wood, hoping that the shade and vibe would deliver patience and kindness. The person is a person who wants and needs a friend and support. The person did not deserve my short temper. Yet the person is a person who touches on some areas that I find hard to deal with. Or the person is a person whom I find it hard to empathise with. I didn't know why the person had chosen me. After maybe six years of no contact. I think the person may have run out of other people. And the person said I had said I was willing to be a sounding board. If I said that I was regretting it.

In the wood, I said that I had to go. I was thinking, this time, in the trees and with the birds, this is my time for NO PERSONS. This is my way of recharging. This is my solace and salvation.

Twenty minutes later, I got off the phone and I sat.

In the heat, the birds were quiet. But something strange was happening.

I was looking at this fallen tree that was resting against a standing ash...

And I was sure it was moving.

Can you see?

No? Try this one.

Well, it WAS moving. Rising and falling like the chest of one's beloved, when one rests one's head and feels the living rhythms that match and calm one's own.

The dead tree gave me succour.

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1 Comment

Aug 03, 2022

Yes, I see the tree moving. I'm glad you found calm there. x

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