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What have mornings ever done for us?

I'm not a fan of early starts. I had to today as I was given an extra, unexpected shift and as I couldn't change my running schedule for the mere addition of work, I went out early with the dog.

The sky, to be fair, was pretty in places.

The woods were quiet.

I was listening to Ian McEwan's Machines Like Me, which is great. A counterfactual. Alan Turing didn't die, we didn't win the Faulklands War, Mrs. T got booted out, Tony Benn was Prime Minister. And there were androids. In the '80s! The android is very interesting - and all the philosophical, ethical and rather misanthropic topics the author interweaves with the story. There's suspense and sex and a marginally unconvincing plot. But I'm loving it.

Almost as much... well, maybe as much... as Red Pill by Hari Kunzru. This is about a self-indulgent whiner who has a breakdown on a writers' retreat and is really about the rise of Trumpism. A great read and superb writing. Very clever too. I read that on the Kindle.....

...but now I can read BOOKS! The new glasses make text decipherable again. Which is exciting. Though my eyes are still finding the clarity rather confounding.

Anyway. Morning. I don't usually see much of the early part... I do some late shifts and they throw me out. Plus the insomnia. I always sleep just fine after 3am and then would like to sleep beyond morning. Then I can't sleep the next night. Maybe today's early start will help me sleep tonight....

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