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What was I thinking?

So, this promises to be a great post. At some point, I was thinking something and then I thought, "That would be great for the blog... if I could be bothered to explain it."

What was it? It must have been about the animals... Well, this morning, I was in the garden and, as usual, the blue tits congregated above me. There were long-tailed tits too.

The blackbirds came over, briefly.

And for a while I watched a squirrel.

While watching the birds, I was struck by how enlivened they are. Chases galore. More singing as well. The world is different because they are different and they are different because the world is different. Above me, they were weaving pathways in flight and sound. I, below, constrained by gravity and tone-deafness, nonetheless feel the new burst of vitality. I look into eyes that are asking a question of me: what does your presence mean for me? My eyes, I try to hold this message in soft eyes, open heart, a body grounded and relaxed, say: your presence is everything to me.

As I walked back to the house, I felt filled with enlivenment and I was saying, under my breath, "The world! The world!"

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Mar 02


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