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Where there be plants

Who'd have thought that as a result of that Midsummer Poetry thing I did in... when was it... 2022? And the Alchemy one I did... last year? And then the Druidry last summer that I would be encouraged to apply for the most exciting residential retreat... in northern Finland! Ancient forests with pines 800 years old!

I have to think about the time commitment and how it would impact work - especially given the trip to Vienna in September to talk about madness and the more-than-human at the University of Vienna.

Let's face it, though, I haven't been away or done anything for myself since 2016. Except for the theatre. On that front, as I write I have three theatre trips booked.

And... I was looking at a bigger lens for the camera. Given the trips and loss of work, should I do them, that lens is definitely on the back burner. It would pay for all four round trips to Finland.

Anyway, I am having fun with the one I have. This is a purely plant post.

And a little bark... remember, we need bark to shield us from what could damage us.

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Mar 31

Congrats on Finland! Quite something how one tree (and other more-than-humans) things, have lead unto the next, and the next ...

And congrats on your journeys with photography. You're doing great.

I love that photo of the larch and its red flower. And heck all the photos. Yes, I remember about the bark as our shield 💚

Apr 01
Replying to

Tamarack! Ah - I have come across that and didn't realise it was larch!

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