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You don't always find what you're looking for

Actually, how often do I find what I am looking for? I guess it'd help if I knew what I was looking for! Ha!

Still, I have a lot of pleasure along the way.

So here are some unlooked for pleasures.

Instead of hearing bats, I saw how amazing honeysuckle looks under red light!

Instead of an ancient woodland, I found, well, a badger sett new to the county recorder (my second, but who's counting?)... no, I found beauty in unlikely places.

And ingredients for mead.

What a bridal bouquet of scent and sweetness! Strange to see mock orange in a wood, but there was rhododendron too.

Instead of tips on writing a paper, I got acclaim from an actual genuine real-life academic!!! I was attending an online conference (on vegan sociology) and asked a question of keynote speaker Corey Wrenn. She said, "What a minute: are you the person who delivered a paper to the Animals and Society Institute on animal cultures? I watched it last night and shared it on my Facebook page. I had to add to my reading list - you are the expert on animal cultures!"

The YouTube recording has had 13 extra views in the ten hours since she said that.

Of course, she was excessively flattering me. But, hey, it was almost as nice as the experience I'd had earlier with swifts. That though is for another day.

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1 Comment

Jun 16, 2023

Love the photo of the mock orange. The flowers have a divine smell. Glad you posted here about the response to your presentation and the link. I enjoyed watching it live last month -- you did a fine job!

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