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I am very happy that as well as being invited to Austria I have now indeed also been invited to Finland! And my paper on trees will be published, as I've said, so this is all great.

I do believe that the sessions with Nina have helped. In the last one, we talked about my strange dream and about the healing session in the Lower World. I painted a picture related to that... the bird that flew out of me when Lynx found it inside my abdomen.

I think the bird was more like a blue-winged parakeet than a bluebird actually, but never mind. In our session, I spoke to the bird, who informed me he was scared of me. It seemed that all the reasoning and talking is what upsets him. He said that I have to feel. And that the feelings may not be easily translatable into language, but that I must really focus on feeling first. Hence that sitting in the rain with Bobbit.

After that, I tried a shamanic journey, but fell asleep. So I gave it another go and went to the Upper World where I met the Lynx Woman. She opened up my throat and pulled out anger. There were three angers: anger against myself; anger against all this woo-woo stuff; and anger against humanity. It was clogging up the pathway between my feelings and my thinkings. She pulled it out, like a huge cyst, and then put a silver tube in my throat so that the bird could fly up and down between the feelings and the thinkings. She told me that I needed rose.

Prunus spinosa, called blackthorn or sloe, is a species of flowering plant in the rose family Rosaceae. I suspect, however, that the Lynx Woman meant actual rose. And roses did feature in that other healing vision. I need to get the essential oils out. In the meantime, another irrelevant flower.

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Apr 13

What happy spring photos and such a beautiful painting. That's good news on the paper acceptance and trips to Austria & Finland!!

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